It's Time To Go Back To School!


We live in a new world with a new normal, but every day school routines never change. Kids wake up hungry, and in a hurry to go out and challenge this new world as once again, school begins (be it face to face or online). This year get started with a new routine for a delicious and nutritious breakfast, perhaps on the run.  Totally Nuts! Almond Mylk offers just that.  All of our delicious flavors are dairy free, soy free and gluten free  and each 12 oz bottle contains 10 grams of plant based protein. Delicious does not mean a lack of nutrition, however. For the busy child, each 12oz bottle contains the perfect amount of protein and fiber to keep tummies happy during the long day. When bellies are full and content, children can focus their attention on what's before them, their schoolwork. Our 12 oz grab n go bottles fit easily into lunchboxes and backpacks. Mom's-you do not need to cook!  Let Totally Nuts! Almond Mylk help with the morning craziness. Open a bottle at the table, in the car, or even at school. Let your child pick a color or a favorite flavor. You can relax knowing that they won't be starving all day.  And seriously, what kid doesn't love chocolate milk?

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