1. What is the shelf life of your almond milk?

Our products have a shelf life of around 60 days


2. How is your product different from the store brands?

We have the first alternative milk with the taste, texture, nutrition and functionality of dairy milk. Rich, creamy, delicious by the glass, 10 grams of protein per 12oz bottle, froths great-and vegan/non GMO certified! Our goal was to produce an almond milk that had a higher percentage of almonds than the commercially available products and a clean label (no gels/gums or thickeners).  Did you know that most almond milks in the grocery store contain an average of 2% almonds, 98% chemicals and water?  About 4 almonds per cup! That is why a class action lawsuit was filed...Click here to read more.

3. Your product separates... is it still ok to drink?

 Absolutely.  Separation of the layers of mylk is normal.  All of our products need to be shaken before use.


4. Do you use organic almonds?

We do not believe it is necessary to purchase organic almonds. It is our understanding that in the state of California all almond growers use the same fertilizers and pesticides. The organically grown almonds are sprayed less often, with less concentrated solutions and therefore the yield is lower. This results in a much higher price. The processor we work with receives truckloads of almonds and is told by the farmers which ones are organic and which ones are conventional. There is no way for the processor to verify this information or to tell the difference. Additionally, almonds have a protective shell that is not consumed. For these reasons we believe it is not necessary to spend the extra money for organically grown almonds. If you are aware of any new or updated information that can be proven by a third party please feel free to contact us. 

5. How do I store my nut milk?

All of our products need to be refrigerated.


6. Why the "mylk" and not "milk"?

The dairy industry has sued alternative mylk producers for using the term "milk" to describe their non-dairy beverages. We don't want to be sued by anyone, bad karma! Click here to read more​.

7. Do you deliver?

Yes, we make deliveries! You can have your milk delivered for $8 if you are within 30 miles of our location at 8201 South Tamiami Trail, Sarasota FL, 34238 -  basically anywhere in Sarasota county. For local deliveries please visit our pickup & delivery section of our store

We are also able to ship our products anywhere in the continental US - Florida orders ship overnight, all other states need to be sent via 2-day ground or air due to the refrigeration. For shipments please visit our Shipping Boxes section of our store. We are not able to ship our perishable products to areas outside of these regions at this time. Please continue to check in with us as we grow.


8. Can I pick up my almond milk?

Yes, you may shop from our local pickup & delivery section of our store and arrange a pickup. Our kitchen is located at the Sarasota Square Mall, in the food court (a former Burger King!) - at 8201 South Tamiami Trail, Sarasota FL.


9. Do you ship?

Yes, we currently ship anywhere in the continental US. Shipping rates are set by Shopify and vary tremendously. All orders are sent via 2-day ground or air (Florida is overnight). Keep checking back as we continue to grow. For shipments please visit our Shipping Boxes section of our store


10.  Do you offer subscriptions?

Yes, you can choose the subscription option for any of our products. Subscribers will receive a 15% discount from the retail price.  Just select the frequency for your delivery (weekly, biweekly-every 2 weeks or monthly) and we will automatically send your order. You can cancel anytime. It's that simple!


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