Vicki Gregory Totally Nuts Almond Milk

Totally Nuts Almond Milk was started by Vicki Cleaves-Gregory, a pharmacist and single mother of two in Sarasota, FL. It all began when her children were very young and started reacting strongly to certain foods.  Visiting the many local grocery stores trying to find quality products that wouldn't cause problems was very disappointing.  

Eventually Vicki began making her own delicious almond milk but it was a long process with a lot of waste, a very low yield, and spoiled in about 3-4 days.

The store brands were very affordable but had no nutritional value, contained lots of unnecessary chemicals, and had poor sensory characteristics (color, smell, taste).  

Vicki Gregory Totally Nuts Almond Milk

Someone needed to figure out how to make home made almond milk with a shelf life that would support distribution.

After working with the Florida Department of Agriculture for over a year, a unique patent pending product/process was developed.  

December 2017, "Totally Nuts!" was finally available for purchase.

We are very excited to offer our high quality, clean label nut mylks to consumers that have been looking for better options.

Thank you for taking the time to read about the start of Totally Nuts Almond Mylk!

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