6 Benefits of using "Totally Nuts! Almond Mylk" vs Major Store Brands

Do you love almond milk but worry about the added chemicals? You are not alone. Consumers drink almond milk believing that when compared to dairy, it is a healthier choice. Almond Breeze, Silk, and Califia brands all present themselves as healthy but they may actually cause stress to your immune system and increase your chances of developing one or more of the common chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, autoimmune disorders, and cancer. We are going to explain why there are substantial concerns regarding most grocery store brands of almond milk and why "Totally Nuts!" is the real deal!  Is almond milk vegan? “Totally Nuts!” offers the first vegan-certified product made in Southwest Florida.  We have 3 vegan certified flavors: Unsweetened, Cold Brew Coffee, and Holiday. Our unique process was developed by Vicki Cleaves, an experienced pharmacist who, using her education and experience, figured out how to finally bring homemade almond milk to your grocery store shelves.

1. Ingredients

What is almond milk made of? Naturally, you would expect the main ingredient in almond milk to be, well, almonds. Unfortunately when it comes to most of the major almond milk brands (Silk, Blue Diamond, Califia, etc) that is not the case. Would it surprise you to know that most brands contain approximately 4 almonds per cup? So sad, but it's true. Those products are mostly just water and chemicals. On the other hand, our products contain a whopping 24 almonds per cup. That is "Totally Nuts!". Our Original, Vanilla and Cold Brew Coffee flavors do not contain any added sugar. Again, very different from the typical leading brands. Not only are those familiar brands tasteless, but they are also loaded with sugar. In fact, some commercially available almond milks contains up to 17 grams of sugar per cup! And if you needed another reason to love our almond milk...all of our products contain a probiotic! 

2. Protein

What are the health benefits of almond milk? Protein is one of the most vital nutrients that every human body needs. Without protein your body can't build muscle, cartilage or skin tissue, struggles to perform the normal functions of blood, or correctly regulate your hormones. Pop quiz! How many grams of protein is in a cup of store brand almond milk? Answer: 1 gram of protein (which is about 4 almonds!). “Totally Nuts!” contains 6 grams of protein (about 24 almonds) in every cup. That's a lot of almonds!!!

3. Gels, Gums, and Thickeners

Think about this. Choosing to drink one of the inexpensive, common store brands of almond milk exposes your body to large amounts of inflammatory chemicals that have no nutritional value. NO NUTRITIONAL VALUE. So why are they in there? These inexpensive chemicals/gels/thickeners expand the yield and give the products some thickness, allowing the company to use very few (expensive) almonds. Constant exposure to these inflammatory chemicals could possibly set the foundation for one of many chronic diseases like cancer, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, allergies, or auto-immune disorders. All of these conditions start with inflammation. According to a published NIH Study, Chronic Inflammation, The Word Health Organization (WHO) considers chronic inflammation to be "the greatest threat to human health." Quite alarming to say the least. “Totally Nuts!” does not contain any gels, gums, thickeners, or artificial ingredients. Our Original almond milk has only four ingredients: filtered water, California almonds, Himalayan sea salt, and a low dose of probiotic that lengthens the shelf life.

4.  Emulsifiers

When major manufacturers need to create a thicker texture or prevent their product from separating, they add an emulsifier. Though they are very common in the Standard American Diet (SAD), emulsifiers should be avoided due to their potential to damage the intestinal barrier, cause inflammation, and again, increase your risk of chronic disease. If your food contains chemicals that offer no nutritional value, ask the question "Why?".  When you purchase our high-quality nut milk, you will notice that it does, in fact, separate. This is indicative of a homemade almond milk. Our products are as close as you can get to homemade, with the added convenience of purchasing at a grocery store. A quick shake is all you need to enjoy our “Totally Nuts”! almond milk.

5. Flavor

When it comes down to it, the taste of almond milk is king. If you were presented with the healthiest beverage in the grocery store, would you enjoy it if the flavor was bad? Of course not. Healthy food can and should taste good. “Totally Nuts!” tastes refreshing and great. No wonder it tastes just like almonds. It's loaded with them.

6. Color

Have you ever seen gray almonds? Never? Then how come most almond milk is gray? Chemicals + water + high temperatures + very few almonds = gray beverages with an unnatural, slimy, unpleasant taste. What do you think: is almond milk pasteurized? Most major almond milk brands use very high temperatures to process the almond milk and extend the shelf life.  Once you try “Totally Nuts!”, you will be glad and relieved to see the rich, light, cream-color, and delighted to taste the real almond flavor.  No fake chemicals allowed!

Rich in Vitamin E, fights off free radicals, and naturally loaded with essential nutrients, it is no wonder that almond milk is the most popular alternative milk on the market. Almond milk provides a healthy, satisfying, great-tasting milk alternative for health-conscious consumers. Our customers are excited about the great taste and superior quality of “Totally Nuts!”, and agree that it's the best almond milk brand available!  Don’t believe us? Read what others are saying.

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