Easy Mango Milkshake

Easy Mango Milkshake
This is inspired by the "Mango Lassi" shake-style drink you can find at most Indian restaurants.  A mango lassi is usually made with yogurt, this version uses banana and almond milk for less fat and more nutrients. And if you're using Totally Nuts Almond Mylk, it's still got probiotics like you would find in yogurt. 
Feel free to change the fruit ratios or eliminate the banana if you're not a fan, but the banana definitely helps add a creamy milkshake texture. 
Makes 2-3 servings
2 cups chopped mango
1 medium frozen banana, cut into coins for blending
1 cup Totally Nuts Almond Mylk, Plain
1 teaspoon vanilla extract (or use the vanilla version of Totally Nuts Almond Mylk)
Blend in a blender or food processor until smooth, serve in your favorite glass, sip through a straw and enjoy this healthy treat. You can use frozen mango but you will want to defrost it first. (Any type of magno will work for this, the less fibrous the more creamy the shake will be.) The frozen banana helps make it cold and creamy, and this of course works with non-frozen bananas as well. For more spice and Indian flavor, add some ground cinnamon or cardamom. If you're feeling festive then might as well add some rum to this! 



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