We met at the Saturday Morning Market, my son has a booth there too. I have to say that's the best nut milk I've ever had. Hopefully you will be in the market every week so I can stock up. I'll make sure I put in a good word to the market director!




Hi Vicki,

I am visiting Siesta Key and had a latte made with your almond milk at Lelu’s. I can’t have any potato starch and haven’t been able to enjoy any non-dairy milk since finding out. And I’m also unable to have dairy with any grain. So, when I
saw yours at Lelu’s I was so excited!!! So, I’m wondering if you are willing to ship it to me in VA. I’m completely willing so pay for it to be shipped that far. It would be a game changer for me, my health and my well-being. I would appreciate anything you’d be willing to do!


I'm so glad I stopped to talk to you in Lucky's Ormond Beach. I've had the unflavored mylk over granola for breakfast every morning since then.

It tastes AMAZING and I feel good knowing that it's so simple and pure. I've already bought my second bottle! And I'm looking for other ways to use it. It would be great if you could direct me to recipes.

Thank you for making the bold move to start your FL business!! I'm telling everybody I know about it.

Linda D

Hi Vicki,

I ran out of Totally Nuts last week and had to settle for Elmhurst Almond Milk. I
was hopeful that it would be an acceptable stand-in since it now only has 2
ingredients - nuts and water. But compared to yours, it's gray and bland! I'm
pouring what's left down the sink!!!!

I was so glad to be able to buy Totally Nuts that I just bought 4 of the 5 bottles of
unsweetened to make sure that I don't run out again. I felt a bit guilty, so I decided to send you a message in case you wanted to replenish to avoid out-of-stock.

Thanks for making me look forward to breakfast!

Linda R

I’m sitting at Simons Coffee House right now, and one of the staff showed me
your page! I’m a huge proponent of all natural, healthy nut milks and have made
my own. Yours is out of this world delicious and so healthy! I’m so excited to have discovered it and absolutely love that there are no gums or stabelizers, only all good ingredients, the way I make mine. Thank you for creating such outstanding products that are not only good for you but good for the environment!

Angie A
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